Hilla Knapke

Director of Enterprise SAFe Transformation


Hilla Knapke, Director of Enterprise SAFe Transformation at Travelport, brings nearly twenty years’ experience leading globally strategic business and process change initiatives. With her broad experience from across multiple industry verticals, Hilla has established a proven track record of leading technology and operations organizations to achieve greater business agility and growth. Currently the Transformation Lead for the Scaled Agile implementation at Travelport, Hilla has launched 14 Agile Release Trains (ARTs) averaging greater than 85% predictability in the first year of transformation. Before joining Travelport, Hilla spent her career spanning Product and Technology organizations creating, transforming and optimizing program/portfolio development and delivery practices with particular focus on the human and cultural change needs of organizations for successful delivery outcomes. In her time away from the office, Hilla is a classically trained musician, an avid soccer fan (raising her own favorite goalkeeper)r, enjoys hiking, camping and 4x4ing with her husband and children in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

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