Tales for the Multi-Portfolio Enterprise

  • Isaac Montgomery, cPrime

We're told that "In larger enterprises, there may be multiple portfolios and even portfolios of portfolios". But what qualifies as large? How many portfolios do we need? How do we separate one from another? And how do we manage our multiple portfolios?

In this session we will examine real world examples, both good and bad, of organizations who have setup multiple portfolios and lived to tell the tale. We'll discuss patterns that have been found to work, and those found not to work in terms of designing portfolios, and managing across portfolios.

  • Date:Thursday, June 11
  • Time:12:40 PM - 1:25 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Understand when to split your SAFe implementation into multiple portfolios, and when to maintain a single portfolio
  • Learning Objective #2:Explore patterns for defining multiple portfolios and delineating one from the next
  • Learning Objective #3:Discuss experiences aligning, operating and governing across multiple portfolios in a large enterprise
  • Talk Level:Advanced