Keynote: How to Move Like a Maverick (The New NOW Edition)

  • Jade Simmons, Jade Media Global

It’s one thing to talk about innovation before you need to innovate, to

talk about leading through change before a disruptive moment

happens, but what do you do when it seems like somebody hit the

accelerator and suddenly you’re all the way there? You stop, drop, and

move like a maverick! In this edition of Jade’s signature program, she

helps the Scaled Agile audience learn the art of leaning into a new era

instantly when the future is suddenly now. Expect uncommon mindset

shifts around pushing powerfully through adversity, on leading teams

through a period of change and discovery, and in making the types of

individualized upgrades that create satisfying change both personally

and professionally.

- Embracing Endings: Learn how to process the gift of abrupt endings.

- The Mindset Shift from Next to Now: Learn how to think in order to more quickly

adjust to a new normal…and find peace while doing it.

- Redefining Purpose as your Power Play: Re-understand the all-important power of

individual purpose in your role as leader.

- Always Be Reinventing: Develop a habit of reinvention that keeps you ahead of the

curves ahead.

- Practice De-compartmentalization: Realize the importance, now more than ever, of

bringing all of yourself to the table.

- Embracing Resurrection: Learn this crucial process of personal inventory that could

be your key to thriving in colorful, unexpected times.

  • Date:Thursday, June 11
  • Time:10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Session Type:Keynote
Jade Simmons
Jade Media Global