SAP Business Agility: 10 Critical Success Factors of Complex Living Systems

  • Malte Kumlehn, Accenture | SAP Business Group,
  • Lalita Intasean, Accenture | SAP Business Group

To scale innovations repeatedly and grow twice as fast as the competition, companies must evolve to Living Systems by cultivating the mindset and methods of the top 10%, right now. As new technologies proliferate and the pace of innovation accelerates, those that wait will find it increasingly difficult to catch up.

Through discussion of real scenarios learn how the SAFe 10 critical success factors are applied to help you to transform large, complex SAP ERP implementations into a living system that is at the heart of Business Agility and every company’s success. These proven practices emphasize faster delivery through organization around value by cutting across SAP module silos and the introduction of Minimum Integrated Business Process to better align IT and business and manage changing priorities.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 10
  • Time:2:20 PM - 3:05 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Apply 10 critical success factors to your large-scale complex Agile transformation based on real transformation cases using Agile to implement SAP
  • Learning Objective #2:Apply the SAFe principles 'organize around the value' and 'apply system thinking' in real life SAP or their large-scale complex transformation scenarios
  • Learning Objective #3:Understand and address SAP specific challenges such as slicing requirements into 2-week increments, building a high-performance team with SAP specific roles, and managing critical dependencies
  • Talk Level:Intermediate
Malte Kumlehn
Accenture | SAP Business Group
Lalita Intasean
Accenture | SAP Business Group