Migrating Off Legacy Platforms While Still Delivering Value

  • Adrienne Wilson, Pretty Agile,
  • Em Campbell-Pretty, Pretty Agile

Many organisations have been on legacy, business critical platforms far longer than they would have liked or want to be. Many organisations faced with the massive transition are tempted to revert to a waterfall approach to accomplish the mission.

This talk will outline ways to move from the existing platform to the new architecture in an incremental way.

  • Date:Thursday, June 11
  • Time:11:55 AM - 12:40 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Use the business Roadmap and Architectural Runway to understand how to incrementally move to a new technology platform
  • Learning Objective #2:Define the business outcomes and align the migration effort to deliver those outcomes incrementally
  • Learning Objective #3:Apply DevOps considerations from the beginning to help size and shape the total migration effort
  • Talk Level:Intermediate
Adrienne Wilson
Pretty Agile
Em Campbell-Pretty
Pretty Agile