Evolving a Dual Operating System that is all Agile and Goes Beyond IT

  • Ian Spence, Ivar Jacobson International

Many Agile transformations stall and fail to deliver the true benefits of Agile because they don’t go beyond the familiar domain of software product development. Others stall because they replace one rigid hierarchy with another. Very few seem to take root and encompass the whole business or settle in for the long-term.

To be a truly Agile business we need a dynamic, ever changing network of self-determining delivery teams supported by a people and community focused ‘management’ structure. One that enables the dual operating system JP Kotter argues for so compellingly in his book XLR8. We need self-determination not just self-organization! We need to apply Agile delivery to everything we do; not just the development of cyber and cyber-physical systems. Central to this is the need for teams and team members who own their own future and can develop themselves to meet the changing needs of the organization.

We will not achieve this if we just change from our existing, rigid, ‘old-fashioned’ hierarchy to a new, sexy, equally as rigid ‘Agile’ one. Self-organization should not be limited to within teams or roles. In this presentation we will explore a number of patterns for effectively organizing teams, building communities, avoiding unnecessary scaling and establishing an effective dual operating system.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 10
  • Time:1:35 PM - 2:20 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Spread agile to non-product development groups
  • Learning Objective #2:Describe how to separate the people management from product management
  • Learning Objective #3:Take steps to evolve an effective dual operating system that is all agile
  • Talk Level:Intermediate
Ian Spence
Ivar Jacobson International