DevSecOps In Real Life

  • Marc Rix, Scaled Agile,
  • Dr. Wiselin Mathuram, International Business Consultants, LLC

This session will demonstrate popular techniques for implementing fast and secure Continuous Delivery Pipelines. We'll look at samples taken from a working pipeline to see what DevSecOps actually looks like in real life. Leaders will come away with appreciation for how a new feature travels through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Practitioners will see popular DevSecOps code and configuration patterns they can apply to their value streams right away.

  • Date:Thursday, June 11
  • Time:12:40 PM - 1:25 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Explain the importance of DevSecOps in the enterprise
  • Learning Objective #2:Understand popular patterns, practices, and tools used to implement DevSecOps
  • Learning Objective #3:Adapt and apply these patterns to enhance your Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Talk Level:Beginner
Marc Rix
Scaled Agile
Dr. Wiselin Mathuram
International Business Consultants, LLC