Baseline your ART Metrics from the ‘Get Go’

  • Darren Wilmshurst, Radtac Ltd

Most ART launches focus intensely on a successful first PI Planning event, and rightly so because if you get this wrong then there is a likelihood that you won’t get a chance to do another one! However, having completed your first PI Planning event, it is equally important that you can demonstrate the benefits of this new approach with empirical data. This requires that you have baselined your current position so you can show where the improvements have been delivered. The trouble is, the need to move to outcome-based metrics is hard!

In this talk, Darren Wilmshurst will share some initial metrics that EVERYONE should be able to get their hands on from the ‘get go’. He will offer an ART metrics dashboard focused on answering the following question: are we sustainably improving in our ability to generate value through the creation of a passionate, results-oriented culture?

  • Date:Thursday, June 11
  • Time:1:35 PM - 2:20 PM
  • Session Type:Main Conference Track
  • Learning Objective #1:Understand the reason why we need to baseline metrics
  • Learning Objective #2:Have a set of metrics that an organisation can start with from the beginning
  • Learning Objective #3:Know how to avoid pitfalls with these and other metrics
  • Talk Level:Intermediate
Darren Wilmshurst
Radtac Ltd