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Wednesday, June 10
9:00 am Exhibits Open show more Description Exhibits Open Time Wednesday, Jun 10 9:00AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 am Welcome Chris James, Scaled Agile show more Description TBD Time Wednesday, Jun 10 10:00AM - 10:15 AM Speakers Chris James Scaled Agile
10:15 am Keynote: Navigating a Crisis with Business Agility in SAFe 5.0 Dean Leffingwell, Scaled Agile show more Description Competing in the age of software requires more than software agility, it requires true Business Agility, whereby all aspects of the business operate in harmony to deliver and evolve innovative business solutions faster than the competition. SAFe version 5.0 extended Agile and Lean thinking beyond the tech teams and incorporated new competencies in direct support of this larger goal. And if there was ever a time for business agility, nothing could be more compelling than the existential crisis businesses find themselves in today. In this keynote, Dean Leffingwell will provide a brief overview of SAFe 5.0, and more importantly, he’ll highlight the way in which business agility helped Scaled Agile Inc. navigate the current COVID crisis. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 10:15AM - 11:00 AM Speakers Dean Leffingwell Scaled Agile
11:00 am Customer Story Telekom IT: First Impressions from Implementing SAFe at a Big German Telco Provider Ralf Difflipp, Telekom IT GmbH; Volkhard Kantner, Telekom IT GmbH show more Description Question: Why would anybody start a big corporation SAFe transformation in a business unit with more than 10.000 Employees, more than 1000 systems in a meshed IT-architecture, with 98 % waterfall projects, demand financed requirements and a average employee age of about 52? Answer: Because it simply couldn't go on like this: employee satisfaction rock bottom, projects failed on a big scale, the business suffocated in bureaucracy, 16-month time to market Today: We have 29 ARTs with an upward trend, time to market down by four month. Several role specific Agile Academy’s trained hundreds of agile multiplicators in form of SPC, RTE, SM, DevOps- Engineers and more. But now we accelerate! Coming up: financing of value stream instead of projects, establishment of SAFe Portfolios, reorganization of managerial responsibility’s by splitting into functional and disciplinary leadership We will talk about our concrete steps, through which this transformation was brought about! Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Ralf Difflipp Telekom IT GmbH Volkhard Kantner Telekom IT GmbH Humans are Not Resources: A Guide to Managing a Modern Workforce Gez Smith, Odrilea show more Description We’re told that employees these days need to be given autonomy to direct themselves, the ability to master their skills and a strong sense of purpose. But how as managers of people do we enable that? How do you attract and hire the best lean-agile talent in a very competitive marketplace? How do you ensure that your organization gets the most out of an employee’s knowledge and experiences? How do you free people from the organizational hierarchy to become part of the value stream network? How do you manage and incentivize people’s strong performance when the emphasis is now on the system? How do you grow, develop and upskill people when the pressure to ‘just deliver’ is growing ever stronger? How do you make sure that after all your hard work hiring, growing and facilitating people, they don’t just up and leave? Just as important, how do you as a manager cope with being accountable for the outputs of the term, when you’re not in control of them anymore? This session will give you answers to these questions and more, through structured experiments and concrete practices to try out as soon as you get back to the office. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Gez Smith Odrilea 'Measure and Grow' your Progress to Business Agility Andrew Sales, Scaled Agile show more Description The goal of SAFe 5.0 is clear: achieving a state of Business Agility across the enterprise. The seven core competencies of business agility describe the practices in support of this goal, and the implementation roadmap provides a blueprint for the journey ahead. But change of any kind is never a linear path—it requires constant reflection on the steps taken previously and an ability to adapt plans based on the results. Indeed, the question often arises of how best to assess the progress being made on this journey, and how to identify appropriate next steps. To support this objective SAFe provides both the Business Agility and 7 Core Competency Assessments. In this talk Andrew Sales will outline how a Portfolio of SAFe Value Streams can use these tools to measure its progress. By analyzing the results, enterprises can identify opportunities for improvement and explore recommended actions to increase proficiency in a particular core competency. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Andrew Sales Scaled Agile The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck Adrienne Wilson, Pretty Agile; Em Campbell-Pretty, Pretty Agile show more Description If you are thinking about launching your first Agile Release Train or you are struggling with your existing trains then this is the session for you! In The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck, Em and Adrienne share their 'trade secrets' for launching and operating awesome Agile Release Trains. Going well beyond the standard SAFe training, this session deep dives into the practical tips and tricks that only over 15 combined years of real world experience can teach. Peppered with innumerable war stories, this session provides plenty of entertainment (as well as education) in the form of personal anecdotes, cautionary tales and protips for both the collocated Agile Release Train and its more complicated globally distributed cousins. No matter your context, you are sure to find plenty of actionable ideas for launching and operating Agile Release Trains because, lets face it, train wrecks transcend industries, business and technology silos, leaders and teams! Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Adrienne Wilson Pretty Agile Em Campbell-Pretty Pretty Agile
11:55 am Customer Story KBC: How to Become the Reference as a Bank Insurer in Digital Times Using SAFe? Pieter Reijniers, KBC; An Willaert, KBC show more Description Why did we move to Scaled Agile? How did we start our transformation journey? what was our approach? How did we manage to start 30 Agile Release Trains in 1,5 years time? What were our key challenges & successes? What are our next steps? Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Pieter Reijniers KBC An Willaert KBC Including Hardware Teams in Large Solution Development Harry Koehnemann, Scaled Agile show more Description Most of Agile’s history and experience come from software development including practices such as small batches, fast feedback cycles, continuous integration, modular architectures, build and test automation, test-first, and collective ownership have radically changed how software systems are built. Can these practices also be applied to systems that include hardware development? This talk discuss strategies for applying these practices to hardware development with examples from organizations that are receiving positive results. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Harry Koehnemann Scaled Agile The Seven Deadly Sins of Portfolio Management Nikolaos Kaintantzis, Kegon show more Description Again and again, companies stumble across common problems when transforming their portfolio to a Lean-Agile approach. Similar implementation mistakes often happen, despite good knowledge of Lean-Agile and SAFe principles. In this interactive session, Niko Kaintantzis will discuss the 'Seven Deadly Sins' regularly encountered at the Portfolio Level, and how to avert each one by anchoring back to the SAFe principles. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Nikolaos Kaintantzis Kegon Visualising the Customer Experience: A Journey to Success Stuart Young, Radtac Ltd; Virpi Rowe, Radtac Ltd show more Description The old adage ‘put yourself in your customer’s shoes’ rings as true in the twenty first century as it did when it was first coined, but how well do you know your customers? Far too often an organisation focuses on the business viability and technical feasibility of a business model yet fails to tick the desirability box. The best products, services and solutions can only be designed around the basic needs of your customers. During this interactive talk we will demonstrate the benefits of Customer Journey Mapping as a powerful tool for teams to visualise a customer experience at every major and minor touch point. We will discuss the benefits of Customer Journey Mapping for identifying gaps and opportunities for new products and capabilities as part of a SAFe implementation. By the end of the talk you will see how this simple tool can be applied to methods of Design Thinking and Agile Ways of Working in a Scaled Environment. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Stuart Young Radtac Ltd Virpi Rowe Radtac Ltd
12:40 pm A Novel Approach for Identifying Value Streams and ARTs Maarit Laanti, Nitor show more Description A Value Stream is an important Lean construct for understanding, organizing, and delivering value in SAFe. For some organizations, identifying Value Streams is easy. Many are just the products, services, or solutions that the company develops and sells. In larger enterprises, however, the task is significantly more complex. Value flows through various applications, systems, and services across many parts of the distributed organization. An alternative approach, adapted from Lean, is to identify value streams and ARTs based on the use of SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers) diagrams. This method provides a better understanding of how value flows, including the dependencies between systems, teams, and customers. In this talk, Maarit Laanti, Lean-Agile Head Coach at Nitor, will present her experiences using a SIPOC approach to identify Value Streams and ARTs and she will teach you how to do the same. This information has led into significant insights on how to apply SAFe in a way that it creates more value to customers. In this talk I present my experiences of running the modified SIPOC - a technique that you could learn too. My aim is also to write a SAFe whitepaper on this subject. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Maarit Laanti Nitor Keeping your Learners Engaged in the Virtual World Tamara Nation, Scaled Agile; Deema Dajani, Scaled Agile show more Description Many organizations regularly use in-person training as a means to continually increase knowledge and learning across the enterprise as well as supporting their SAFe adoptions. Due to COVID-19, many SPCs and SPCTs are required to deliver training remotely, with all attendees joining from different locations. Such an experience can seem daunting, with many open questions: How to ensure remote training is effective? How to maintain student engagement during the training? How to facilitate group activities and interactions? Successful remote training creates an experience for the learner that emulates face to face collaboration. In this session, Deema Dajani and Tamara Nation will share recommended techniques and lessons learned from trainers across the globe, while modeling a lean-agile mindset in facilitating these classes. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Tamara Nation Scaled Agile Deema Dajani Scaled Agile What's New: Highlights from the Summit Inbar Oren, Scaled Agile show more Description Learn more about what is available to Guide your SAFe Transformation, Support Professional Growth and Sustain SAFe Day to Day practices. 1. Measure and Grow: SAFe Assessments 2. Remote SAFe Training 3. Getting Started: e-Learning modules 4. Distributed SAFe Events 5. SAFe Distilled 5.0 Time Wednesday, Jun 10 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Inbar Oren Scaled Agile When Two Cultures Collide: The Influence of Country Cultures on Agile Team Behaviours Keith de Mendonca, Ivar Jacobson International show more Description Effective decision-making, self-organisation, collaboration and iterative delivery are all essential characteristics of Agile teams. As companies adopt Lean and Agile principles and practices across the globe, local country cultures will have an important influence on how those teams choose to work together and how Agile behaviours get translated. Cultural diversity can improve the creativity and productivity of an organization, so how can we unlock all of these benefits from our Agile Teams? In this talk Keith de Mendonca will introduce a model which describes country cultures and examines them through an ‘Agile’ lens: how teams might interpret the Agile principles, practices and roles in different countries. Keith will also provide practical advice on how this analysis can be used to support teams working together effectively even if they are spread across different countries. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Keith de Mendonca Ivar Jacobson International
1:35 pm Evolving a Dual Operating System that is all Agile and Goes Beyond IT Ian Spence, Ivar Jacobson International show more Description Many Agile transformations stall and fail to deliver the true benefits of Agile because they don’t go beyond the familiar domain of software product development. Others stall because they replace one rigid hierarchy with another. Very few seem to take root and encompass the whole business or settle in for the long-term. To be a truly Agile business we need a dynamic, ever changing network of self-determining delivery teams supported by a people and community focused ‘management’ structure. One that enables the dual operating system JP Kotter argues for so compellingly in his book XLR8. We need self-determination not just self-organization! We need to apply Agile delivery to everything we do; not just the development of cyber and cyber-physical systems. Central to this is the need for teams and team members who own their own future and can develop themselves to meet the changing needs of the organization. We will not achieve this if we just change from our existing, rigid, ‘old-fashioned’ hierarchy to a new, sexy, equally as rigid ‘Agile’ one. Self-organization should not be limited to within teams or roles. In this presentation we will explore a number of patterns for effectively organizing teams, building communities, avoiding unnecessary scaling and establishing an effective dual operating system. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Ian Spence Ivar Jacobson International Fully Distributed PI Planning - How to Collaborate and Align in a Remote Environment Inbar Oren, Scaled Agile show more Description Many organizations are faced with the need to collaborate across geographical boundaries and time zones. Most ARTs have people from multiple locations and lately, with COVID-19, it’s become even harder to collaborate face to face. Yet these kinds of collaborations are a cornerstone of Agility within teams and at scale. In this talk we will explore how to prepare and facilitate PI Planning and other ART events when we cannot be together, and share experiences of how SAI and some of our customers ran distributed PI Planning. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Inbar Oren Scaled Agile Psychological Safety in C-Level Portfolio Planning: Getting Alignment with 100 leaders! Charles Fleet, Travelport; Hilla Knapke, Travelport show more Description How do you get your C suite to sit down for 3 days and work with 100 members of your company leadership to do participatory budgeting? Tell them it’s PI Planning but for the portfolio! Come and learn from our mis-steps and successes as we rallied the company around our portfolio priorities. We learned that having a great participatory planning event took three days of diligent planning not just for the ceremony itself, but deeply investing in advance in creating a psychologically safe portfolio planning space. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Charles Fleet Travelport Hilla Knapke Travelport The Journey in the Lean Agile Mindset Anand Murthy Raj, Gladwell Academy show more Description Lean-Agile mindset is not a destination. It is a continuous learning life journey and the individual's inner change is more important than the external change. In this talk, Anand Murthy will share some real life examples from history which illustrate the main ingredients of a Lean-Agile mindset. In particular, how great innovations are based on self-belief, a Continuous Learning Culture, resilience, a growth mindset and measurement. Each one of them has a large impact and will help the attendees to consider how they may also embark on this inner change journey. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Anand Murthy Raj Gladwell Academy
2:20 pm Create the Spirit of Big Room Events at the Large Solution and Portfolio Levels Thorsten Janning, Kegon AG; Caroline Schmidt, Kegon AG show more Description One of the most important events for an Agile Release Train is the PI Planning. However, the value of this event goes beyond that of a synchronization and planning meeting. It is a catalyst for the morale and emotional growth of the team of teams, it creates short-term wins and provides time for quick and effective cross-team communication. The dynamics of these 'Big Room Events' should not be limited to Agile Release Trains but extended to the organization as a whole to enable a shared corporate Agile spirit. On the other hand, it is challenging to create this social vigor whilst respecting the human cognitive constraints given by Dunbar’s number. In the context of Lean Portfolio Management a Big Room Event can help to create alignment on organizational priorities. And in a setting of extremely complex products, such an event can help to manage dependencies within Solution Trains. In their talk, Dr. Thorsten Janning and Caroline Schmidt will share practical tools and techniques alongside stories from the field as to how they were able to use these Big Room Events at the Portfolio and Large Solution Levels to create a sense of tribal unity and the Agile spirit needed to deliver extraordinary results. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Thorsten Janning Kegon AG Caroline Schmidt Kegon AG Measure and Grow: Getting Started with SAFe Assessment Workshops Erin Humbach, Scaled Agile; Andrew Sales, Scaled Agile show more Description In this talk Andrew Sales and Erin Humbach will introduce the newest iteration of SAFe assessments and and how they can be used to support organizations on their journey toward business agility. They will provide an overview of the NEW Measure and Grow workshop which is available as part of the Measure and Grow toolkit. This workshop covers the three critical steps of: 1. Facilitating SAFe Assessments, 2. Analyzing results 3. Identifying Improvement Opportunities. This talk will also show you where to access further information and support related to Measure and Grow, along with how to get the best results from the online SAFe assessments provided through our partners Agility Health and Comparative Agility. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Erin Humbach Scaled Agile Andrew Sales Scaled Agile SAP Business Agility: 10 Critical Success Factors of Complex Living Systems Malte Kumlehn, Accenture | SAP Business Group; Lalita Intasean, Accenture | SAP Business Group show more Description To scale innovations repeatedly and grow twice as fast as the competition, companies must evolve to Living Systems by cultivating the mindset and methods of the top 10%, right now. As new technologies proliferate and the pace of innovation accelerates, those that wait will find it increasingly difficult to catch up. Through discussion of real scenarios learn how the SAFe 10 critical success factors are applied to help you to transform large, complex SAP ERP implementations into a living system that is at the heart of Business Agility and every company’s success. These proven practices emphasize faster delivery through organization around value by cutting across SAP module silos and the introduction of Minimum Integrated Business Process to better align IT and business and manage changing priorities. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Malte Kumlehn Accenture | SAP Business Group Lalita Intasean Accenture | SAP Business Group The Power of Informal Learning Networks Audrey Boydston, Scaled Agile show more Description One of the best kept secrets in many enterprises today is the emergence of behind-the-scenes, innovative, collaborative, people-powered learning networks. These are not separately funded, fully planned, leadership led, exclusive organizations within an enterprise. Rather, they are initiated by individuals and groups that are looking for a way to share their expertise and learn from others in exchange for personal growth. Organizational boundaries do not inhibit them. Agile has inspired the formation of many of these learning networks. It has sparked a renewed energy and focus on learning as part of everything that we do, way beyond retrospection alone. Agile enterprises have the unique opportunity to extend and expand learning by tapping into these networks to help accelerate connections and an innovation mindset across all of their business units. Sustainability and growth of Agile transformations are often catalyzed by and through these networks. This talk will share real life examples of journeys with learning networks, how they emerge and how they catalyze to form and grow. We’ll also provide thinking tools for connecting networks together to foster a continuous learning culture. Time Wednesday, Jun 10 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Audrey Boydston Scaled Agile
3:15 pm Keynote: Not All Pirates Are The Same - How Intrapreneurs Can Drive Transformation. Dr. Tendayi Viki, Strategyzer show more Description More details coming soon... Time Wednesday, Jun 10 3:15PM - 4:00 PM Speakers Dr. Tendayi Viki Strategyzer
Thursday, June 11
9:00 am Exhibits Open show more Description Exhibits Open Time Thursday, Jun 11 9:00AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 am Keynote: How to Move Like a Maverick (The New NOW Edition) Jade Simmons, Jade Media Global show more Description It’s one thing to talk about innovation before you need to innovate, to talk about leading through change before a disruptive moment happens, but what do you do when it seems like somebody hit the accelerator and suddenly you’re all the way there? You stop, drop, and move like a maverick! In this edition of Jade’s signature program, she helps the Scaled Agile audience learn the art of leaning into a new era instantly when the future is suddenly now. Expect uncommon mindset shifts around pushing powerfully through adversity, on leading teams through a period of change and discovery, and in making the types of individualized upgrades that create satisfying change both personally and professionally. - Embracing Endings: Learn how to process the gift of abrupt endings. - The Mindset Shift from Next to Now: Learn how to think in order to more quickly adjust to a new normal…and find peace while doing it. - Redefining Purpose as your Power Play: Re-understand the all-important power of individual purpose in your role as leader. - Always Be Reinventing: Develop a habit of reinvention that keeps you ahead of the curves ahead. - Practice De-compartmentalization: Realize the importance, now more than ever, of bringing all of yourself to the table. - Embracing Resurrection: Learn this crucial process of personal inventory that could be your key to thriving in colorful, unexpected times. Time Thursday, Jun 11 10:00AM - 11:00 AM Speakers Jade Simmons Jade Media Global
11:00 am Customer Story Achmea: How Achmea Slashed Time to Market from 18 to 3 Months with SAFe Marit Mulder, Achmea; Pepijn Arts, Achmea show more Description How Achmea slashed time to market from 18 to 3 months with SAFe. The Achmea Agile Transformation started in 2015, when the first ART was introduced. Achmea started the Agile transformation bottom-up. The transformation grew into a company-wide program with board-level sponsorship. As per 2019, the transformation has impacted between 2.500 and 3.000 people within Achmea across nine different divisions. The case explains how Achmea was able to transform the major part of its IT delivery, and later also business, in order to reduce delivery time, improve quality and employee involvement. Achmea shows a beautiful balance between clear top-down choices and persistent bottom-up change and beliefs. The journey was real, the challenges were exciting, and the result was impressive. However, the journey is not finished. It’s an evolution still continuing and challenging every day. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Marit Mulder Achmea Pepijn Arts Achmea Decentralizing Outwards and Upwards: How to get Stakeholders to Collaborate when Creating Roadmaps and Backlogs Brian Tucker, Ivar Jacobson International show more Description Within SAFe the true centralisation points are the backlogs. In this talk Brian Tucker looks at techniques for decentralising the decision making processes upwards and outwards from the Program Backlog. Decentralizing upwards and outwards helps generate alignment between the stakeholders and relieves some of the pressure on the Product Manager function. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Brian Tucker Ivar Jacobson International The Power of Culture in SAFe Success or Failure Dr. Steve Mayner, Scaled Agile show more Description Nowhere is the discussion of organizational culture more prevalent than in the Lean-Agile and DevOps communities. Transitioning from legacy project management and waterfall-based practices to Agile is far more complex than a simple process change. For many organizations, the transition to SAFe confronts deeply held beliefs and norms that are not easily altered. Even if organizations learned how to change the culture, the question remains... change it to what? What's wrong with the existing culture and what does it have to do with adopting SAFe? How are Lean-Agile and culture connected? This session will provide a deeper dive into generative cultures from Westrum's model and describe why organizations adopting SAFe should strive to build a generative culture. The talk will include practical guidance on how to identify where your organization is within Westrum's model and how to move from pathological and bureaucratic cultures to a generative culture. Attendees will interact with the topic by completing a diagnostic survey to evaluate which type of organizational culture is predominant in their company. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Dr. Steve Mayner Scaled Agile Value Stream Identification: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Odile Moreau, Capgemini; David Ferreira, Capgemini show more Description ARTs provide the power to deliver Solutions quicker and more effectively. Unfortunately in real life we often experience trains launched that are simply a collection of agile teams rather than being formed around end-to-end value from a customer point of view. For this reason, Value Stream and ART Identification workshops are crucial for the success of your SAFe implementation. But the concept of Value Streams is difficult to grasp and often there is a fear of losing control as these Value Stream break down the existing organizational silos. However, without understanding and embracing Value Streams organizations may be able to deploy the concepts of framework but will not be able to fully meet the goal of an Agile organization. In this talk Odile Moreau and David Ferreira will draw on their vast experiences and share the Good, The Bad and the Ugly to help you overcome this most important challenge. The session will include key guidance on the difference between operational and development Value Streams, the bad things that could happen if we don’t fully understand apply Value Streams correctly and ugly things that will happen if we are not able to redirect the Lean-Agile Leadership behaviors. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:00AM - 11:45 AM Speakers Odile Moreau Capgemini David Ferreira Capgemini
11:55 am Humanely adjusting budgets in the time of COVID-19 Luke Hohmann, Scaled Agile show more Description The COVID-19 pandemic has caused every enterprise to adjust budgets and investments. Most have had to grapple with budget cuts from declining revenue. A few have had to respond to substantial unexpected growth. In this talk we’ll review how SAFe Lean Portfolio Management can help organizations rapidly respond to change. We’ll start with a discussion of why understanding investments by Horizon provides the foundation to help leaders prepare for the “new normal” they may be experiencing post COVID-19. We’ll then discuss how Participatory Budgeting can help leaders gather the data to make humane adjustments to their portfolios. We’ll provide SAFe Tips for facilitating challenging conversations and for both analyzing and taking action against the data gathered in these sessions. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Luke Hohmann Scaled Agile Migrating Off Legacy Platforms While Still Delivering Value Adrienne Wilson, Pretty Agile; Em Campbell-Pretty, Pretty Agile show more Description Many organisations have been on legacy, business critical platforms far longer than they would have liked or want to be. Many organisations faced with the massive transition are tempted to revert to a waterfall approach to accomplish the mission. This talk will outline ways to move from the existing platform to the new architecture in an incremental way. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Adrienne Wilson Pretty Agile Em Campbell-Pretty Pretty Agile Our Top 10 Most Annoying, Insane, Successful, Shocking and Best SAFe Implementation Experiences Kurt Jaeger, Kegon AG; Veronika Etz, Kegon AG show more Description Since 2013, the consultants at KEGON AG have been supporting companies in establishing Lean-Agile on a large scale. Often the bigger and more traditional the company, the more challenging and entertaining the experiences that were gathered.. In this entertaining talk, Kurt Jaeger and Veronika Etz present - very colorfully - our top 10 most annoying, insane, successful, shocking and best experiences we've had over the last 6 years of introducing Scaled Agile and the Scaled Agile Framework. Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Kurt Jaeger Kegon AG Veronika Etz Kegon AG Working Successfully in SAFe with Remote Team Members Joe Vallone, Scaled Agile show more Description COVID-19 has created an extreme situation where each individual employee is required to work from a different location, in most cases from home. For some organizations this global event has significantly altered the preconception that teams must be physically located in an office, and demonstrated that employees can be highly productive even in a remote setting. Many Industry leaders are now predicting that a 'new normal' will emerge once this crisis subsides. This will likely involve some organizations reducing office space, thereby lowering the second largest corporate expense (after labor) and also impacting positively on the environment by putting fewer cars on the road for commuting to work. If this is to become the new reality then it is important to capture the learnings and best practices from the extreme situation faced today, to apply to a longer term model which incorporates a much higher percentage of remote workers in the future. Topics to be covered include: - Managing multiple time zones and the unique challenges that they present - Creating an effective working environment to support remote working - Focused activities to facilitate team building and support team collaboration - Tips and techniques for facilitating remote events Time Thursday, Jun 11 11:55AM - 12:40 PM Speakers Joe Vallone Scaled Agile
12:40 pm Designing Large Solutions: A structured approach to Value Stream Identification Silke Kainzbauer, Kegon AG; Wolfgang Brandhuber, Kegon AG show more Description One critical move for a successful SAFe implementation is step No 5 on the Implementation Roadmap, 'Identify Value Streams and ARTs'. How do we deal with this step when we are in a Large Solution? The challenge of large Lean-Agile transformations is to make an ever-increasing degree of complexity manageable. In Large Solutions we reach the limits of cross-functional teams and the dependencies between ARTs require new dimensions of alignment. Solution Areas take up the idea of feature teams and develop it further for large solutions. But how do you identify them? The type of requirements Solution Areas work with is also changing. We're talking about problem spaces in which solution areas operate. Which methods can be used to identify and assign these problem areas? This presentation covers the workshops and methods necessary to identify Solution Areas and problem spaces and how to implement them in Large Solutions. We discuss the prerequisites and the basic concepts, as well as the concrete procedures. Time Thursday, Jun 11 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Silke Kainzbauer Kegon AG Wolfgang Brandhuber Kegon AG DevSecOps In Real Life Marc Rix, Scaled Agile; Dr. Wiselin Mathuram, International Business Consultants, LLC show more Description This session will demonstrate popular techniques for implementing fast and secure Continuous Delivery Pipelines. We'll look at samples taken from a working pipeline to see what DevSecOps actually looks like in real life. Leaders will come away with appreciation for how a new feature travels through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Practitioners will see popular DevSecOps code and configuration patterns they can apply to their value streams right away. Time Thursday, Jun 11 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Marc Rix Scaled Agile Dr. Wiselin Mathuram International Business Consultants, LLC Measure and Grow: Getting Started with SAFe Assessment Workshops Andrew Sales, Scaled Agile; Erin Humbach, Scaled Agile show more Description In this talk Andrew Sales and Erin Humbach will introduce the newest iteration of SAFe assessments and and how they can be used to support organizations on their journey toward business agility. They will provide an overview of the NEW Measure and Grow workshop which is available as part of the Measure and Grow toolkit. This workshop covers the three critical steps of: 1. Facilitating SAFe Assessments, 2. Analyzing results 3. Identifying Improvement Opportunities. This talk will also show you where to access further information and support related to Measure and Grow, along with how to get the best results from the online SAFe assessments provided through our partners Agility Health and Comparative Agility. Time Thursday, Jun 11 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Andrew Sales Scaled Agile Erin Humbach Scaled Agile Tales for the Multi-Portfolio Enterprise Isaac Montgomery, cPrime show more Description We're told that "In larger enterprises, there may be multiple portfolios and even portfolios of portfolios". But what qualifies as large? How many portfolios do we need? How do we separate one from another? And how do we manage our multiple portfolios? In this session we will examine real world examples, both good and bad, of organizations who have setup multiple portfolios and lived to tell the tale. We'll discuss patterns that have been found to work, and those found not to work in terms of designing portfolios, and managing across portfolios. Time Thursday, Jun 11 12:40PM - 1:25 PM Speakers Isaac Montgomery cPrime
1:35 pm A Lean-Agile Approach to Corporate Governance Rami Sirkiä, Nitor Delta show more Description The current scope of Finance & Controlling (FiCo) differs in many ways from the support services that a CFO has traditionally been responsible for, and it is a critical element of a corporate governance model. The breadth and depth of topics that a CFO must master today have increased significantly. The traditional mindset and approach are to keep a tight leash on funding, focus on the monetary metrics and expect compliance to plan. Applying Lean-Agile principles to FiCo is a key enabler for creating a governance model that enables Business Agility. In this talk, Rami Sirkiä will share how corporate governance systems have been transformed to support an iterative and incremental way of working. This includes: how different stakeholders define value, how to use OKRs and KPIs in an incremental way, and finally how to monitor, follow-up and re-prioritize strategic initiatives in a SAFe environment. Time Thursday, Jun 11 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Rami Sirkiä Nitor Delta Always beat the competition: The top 5 Secrets to Agile Product Delivery Richard Knaster, Scaled Agile show more Description Achieving business agility requires enterprises to improve their ability to deliver innovative products and services rapidly. Businesses, however, need to balance their execution focus with a customer focus to help assure that they are creating the right solutions, for the right customers, at the right time. The result of Agile product delivery is enhanced business agility with superior outcomes for the enterprise and the customers it serves. Come join Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow and Author to learn the top five secrets of Agile Product Delivery and how it’s one of the most important competencies for achieving business agility in a disruptive world. Learn how your organization can always beat the competition and win in the market place. Time Thursday, Jun 11 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Richard Knaster Scaled Agile Baseline your ART Metrics from the ‘Get Go’ Darren Wilmshurst, Radtac Ltd show more Description Most ART launches focus intensely on a successful first PI Planning event, and rightly so because if you get this wrong then there is a likelihood that you won’t get a chance to do another one! However, having completed your first PI Planning event, it is equally important that you can demonstrate the benefits of this new approach with empirical data. This requires that you have baselined your current position so you can show where the improvements have been delivered. The trouble is, the need to move to outcome-based metrics is hard! In this talk, Darren Wilmshurst will share some initial metrics that EVERYONE should be able to get their hands on from the ‘get go’. He will offer an ART metrics dashboard focused on answering the following question: are we sustainably improving in our ability to generate value through the creation of a passionate, results-oriented culture? Time Thursday, Jun 11 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Darren Wilmshurst Radtac Ltd Customer Story Siemens: SAFe Implementation for Large Cyberphysical Medical Devices Marc Beckmann, Siemens Healthcare GmbH; Robert Kochseder, Siemens Healthcare GmbH show more Description The development of large medical devices such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging requires a lot of resources. It is a very special challenge to transform such a large organization to an agile way of working. In this talk we present the path that Siemens Healthineers has chosen, taking into account both best practices and failures. Time Thursday, Jun 11 1:35PM - 2:20 PM Speakers Marc Beckmann Siemens Healthcare GmbH Robert Kochseder Siemens Healthcare GmbH
2:20 pm Boost your SAFe Implementation - SAFe Courses as Change Management Workshops Sacha Czudek, Flow Sphere AG show more Description Don’t miss the big opportunity SAFe courses provide as change management tool! To create a broad based change momentum for your Lean-Agile journey the SAFe courses on the implementation roadmap have to fit into a holistic concept, require leadership contribution, and need to be delivered in an inspiring way. But far too often instead of lighting the Lean-Agile enthusiasm, SAFe courses become compulsory exercises that people go through listlessly or even experience negatively. To create relevance for the attendees the context and the legacy of the organization has to be considered and appreciated. It has to be clear how every SAFe course fits into the bigger picture and how they relate to each other. After the course, each participant needs a clear plan of what to contribute to the upcoming change, how to interact with the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) and how to act as a change leader. Only in this way can we achieve this important strong first impulse required for a sustainable journey towards Business Agility. Time Thursday, Jun 11 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Sacha Czudek Flow Sphere AG Creating Strategic Flow: A study of connecting Strategy to Portfolio and Execution Niels Groen, Gladwell Academy; Koen Harbers, Gladwell Academy show more Description Organizations must devise strategies to exploit the opportunities of the digital age to improve and accelerate their competitive performance. Within the execution of corporate strategies and the management and delivery of associated portfolios, common misconceptions emerge. In this talk, we describe the integral approach of Enterprise strategy formulation, Lean Portfolio Management, and Agile Product Delivery. Keeping one thing central, the customer, 'strategic flow' helps to overcome the common pitfalls of aligning strategy with execution and helps organizations to stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital world. Time Thursday, Jun 11 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Niels Groen Gladwell Academy Koen Harbers Gladwell Academy Customer Story: PepsiCo - UX Led Approach Coupled with Scaled Agile Transformation Ken Do, PepsiCo; Carmen Fahrenthold, PepsiCo show more Description How do the User Design (UX) principles of Simple, Human and Connected guide an ART to interpret and incorporate user centric design (UCD)? What is the ideal operating model for UX design that includes discovery, design and delivery tracks? This talk will provide an overview of the hypotheses applied to deliver user centric design within the Scaled Agile Framework. Time Thursday, Jun 11 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Ken Do PepsiCo Carmen Fahrenthold PepsiCo SAFe for Marketing (IRL) In Real Life Melissa Reeve, Scaled Agile show more Description The digital economy demands a new way of working, not just for software teams, but for all parts of the business. In this talk, Melissa Reeve, VP Marketing for Scaled Agile, will share her story of practicing marketing in a SAFe environment, and share the learnings she has discovered in working with enterprises, partners and individuals also adopting agile marketing practices + SAFe IRL (in real life). This session breaks down the intersection of SAFe and Agile Marketing, discussing: • The three ways to think about Agile marketing in an enterprise context • Real life examples of SAFe + marketing in branding, campaign development, and product management • Challenges we faced when adapting SAFe to a marketing context Time Thursday, Jun 11 2:20PM - 3:05 PM Speakers Melissa Reeve Scaled Agile
3:15 pm Keynote: Project to Product: From Flow Metrics to Business Agility in SAFe Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop show more Description Covid-19 has triggered the Turning Point in the Age of Software. The companies that have learned how to master business agility at scale will thrive, displacing laggards. As a result, Agile transformations are getting board level visibility as the need to become a software innovator becomes critical to company survival. But how many of these transformations are on track in terms of producing the results that the business is expecting? How many business leaders are tracking actual delivery results of transformations, rather than measuring via project plans and cost centers? The fundamental problem is that the way transformations are structured has a very different meaning to the technology side than it does to the business. Key business agility concepts that should be shared, such as velocity and technical debt, are not part of the language of the business. It is these disconnects that cause large-scale transformations to fall off the rails. With the downturn, there is no more time to reinvent the wheel of flow metrics, successful patterns for Business Agility or SAFe®. In this talk, Dr. Mik Kersten will summarize his best selling book, Project to Product, by showing how a product operating model can provide the critical glue between the hierarchical and finance-oriented structures of the business and the business agility catalyzed by organizations adopting SAFe. Time Thursday, Jun 11 3:15PM - 4:00 PM Speakers Dr. Mik Kersten Tasktop
4:00 pm Exhibits Open / Virtual Happy Hour show more Description Exhibits Open Time Thursday, Jun 11 4:00PM - 5:00 PM



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